District Food Service Staff

The Lee County Board of Education and Superintendent Sarah Wasson recognized the district's school food service team during the school board meeting on January 11. 

Superintendent Wasson and members of the Board thanked the team for their commitment to Lee County's students.  The team worked exceptionally hard through a variety of challenges presented by the pandemic, including school closings and supply shortages, to feed our students and meet basic needs.  They performed their duties tirelessly, devotedly, and with the best interest of Lee County's students in mind.  The  Lee County Board of Education, Superintendent Wasson, and the entire district are appreciative of the dedication and effort of these special ladies.

The food service team includes the following:  Director-Darian Creech; LCES Staff- Donna Brandenburg, Linda Collins, Eva Durbin, Pauline McKinney, Sheila Yarber; LCMHS Staff- Sylvia Begley, Deborah Cole, Janis Harvey, Tanya Horn, Barbara Lutes, Belinda Million, Julie Thomas; Substitute Cooks- Kaye Addison, Kimberly Barrett, Betty Snowden, and Nikki Yarber.