Ms. Combs Google Classroom CodesOne Column

Tammy Combs Body Structures & Functions Class Code: Contact instructor

Tammy Combs Medical Terminology AHS 115 Class Code: contract instructor

Tammy Combs Nurse Aide NAA 100 Class Code: contact instructor

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Francis Davis: Google classroom codes

Francis Davis Principals of Health Science 1st period Class Code: mpfojqgt

Francis Davis Principals of Health Science 3rd period Class Code: m634f3z

Francis Davis Medical Terminology AHS 120 5th period Class Code: ktgpm4t

Francis Davis Principals of Health Science 7th period Class Code: 5zd2nom

Francis Davis Medical Office 4th period Class Code: vawnzat

Francis Davis Medical Office 6th period Class Code: kdf3jbj

If you have an issue please email your instructor