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Beattyville - Birthplace of Kentucky River (taken by C.Beach III)

Beattyville - Birthplace of Kentucky River (taken by C.Beach III)

Jim Evans

Lee County Schools "A District of Distinction"

Vision:  Lee County Schools, creating a successful future one student at a time.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Lee County School District is to foster trust, growth, and  accountability in partnership with students, staff, parents, and the community.

Belief Statements

We believe all students should be surrounded by a positive learning environment that will ensure their safety, stimulate their minds, and challenge their abilities.   

We believe in teachers working together. We must have an organizational structure and schedule that gives all teachers time to plan and deliver integrated instruction aimed at teaching high-level academic content.

We believe a positive attitude, high expectations, and accountability must be modeled as an exemplary behavior for all students and adults.  

We believe student achievement is a shared responsibility between home, school and the community.  

We believe students should understand the importance of hard work in achieving their goals, persevering through challenges and maintaining a positive outlook.  

Value Words

Positive Learning Environment

High-Level Academic Content

High Expectations


Shared Responsibility


Hello, my name is Jim Evans.  Please browse the site and get to know our school system and staff. 

My goals for Lee County Schools are as follows:

  • Ensure employees stay focused on increasing student achievement
  • Ensure a climate of safety in our district for both students and staff
  • Ensure a culture of continuous improvement for both students and staff
  • Ensure our district remain financially sound
  • Ensure students have support systems
  • Ensure our district works to create and build partnerships locally, statewide and nationally that strengthen our district for both students, staff and community 
  • Ensure students have multiple enrichment and extracurricular opportunities

We're here to provide a service for our students, parents and community stakeholders.  Feel free to contact me at anytime with suggestions, questions or concerns at 606-464-5000.

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Jim Evans, Ed.D.

Lee County School Superintendent 

242 Lee Avenue  -  P.O. Box 668

Beattyville, KY 41311

District of Distinction






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