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Beattyville - Birthplace of Kentucky River (taken by C.Beach III)

Beattyville - Birthplace of Kentucky River (taken by C.Beach III)

Get Ready for Kindergarten
Get Ready for Kindergarten
It's never to early to encourage the love of learning in your children.  Lee County School District, with guidance from the Kentucky Department of Education, would like to share with you a "Kindergarten Skills Checklist"  that can be used as a guide when working with your preschooler to develop the skills they will use when they enter elementary school.   You can download this checklist from our "Parent Resources" web page.

Social Skills
  1. Speaks clearly so an adult can uderstand him/her
  2. Plays with other children
  3. Shares or waits his/her turn
  4. Talks in sentences
  5. Follows simple directions
  6. Speaks instead of demostrating anger with physical action
  7. Goes to the restroom with minimal assistance
  8. can tell a story or share an experience
  9. Can spend extended time away from caregiver
Academic/Cognitive Skill
  1. Recognizes squares, circles, triangles and rectangles
  2. Can sort items by color
  3. Can count 1 to 10
  4. Can count a group of objects to 5
  5. Recognizes 5 colors
  6. Tries to write his/her name
  7. Can recognize his/her name
  8. Can recognize and name any 6 letters of the alphabet
  9. Can identify his/her body parts
  10. Knows his/her full name
  11. Knows his/her age
  12. Knows his/her address and telephone number
  13. Knows his/her mother/father/caregiver's names
Fine Motor Skills
  1. Cuts with scisssors
  2. Holds a crayon or pencil properly
Gross Motor Skills
  1. Can run and jump
  2. Can walk backwards
  3. Can walk up and down stairs

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