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Beattyville - Birthplace of Kentucky River (taken by C.Beach III)

Beattyville - Birthplace of Kentucky River (taken by C.Beach III)

Kentucky Safe Schools Week
The third week in October 18-24th is Kentucky Safe Schools Week, at this time we ask that you join us in our campaign against Bullying and Cyberbullying.  Our theme this year is “Follow the Golden Rule, Be Safe Online and at School”, coinciding with last year’s passing of House Bill 91 or “The Golden Rule Act”, a prohibition against bullying, harassment and other forms of intimidation-- including cyber-bullying via the Internet that is based on the Golden Rule. 
Following the Golden Rule
involves empathy and self-control. It applies to both the real world and the “virtual” world of computers and text messaging. Cyber-bullying is a fast-growing trend, which is an emotional and physical threat to the safety and well being of our students. Through the use of various types of cyber communication “virtual” bullies intimidate and harass the vulnerable, with devastating results.

Pledge Against Bullying at

Pledge Against Cyberbullying at

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