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Beattyville - Birthplace of Kentucky River (taken by C.Beach III)

Beattyville - Birthplace of Kentucky River (taken by C.Beach III)

Lee County School District Receives 68 New Apple Computers
Dataseam has donated computers to many surrounding counties, but this is the first time Lee County has applied for and received these computers.  Lee County High School and Lee County Middle School will receive the 68 computers in August.   All faculty will be trained on using the IMacs and students will have access to these computers in labs or in the library.  In exchange, Lee County School district must agree to keep the computers on 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.  During the time the students are not using the computers, they will be used by University of Louisville in a cancer research program.

With over 14,000 processors, Dataseam operates one of the largest managed computing grids in the world. By harnessing the untapped computing power sitting throughout Kentucky's K-12 schools and businesses, the Dataseam computing grid allows researchers to access much needed computing capabilities to forward research and commercialization of ideas. 

For more information about DataSeam you can visit their webpage at

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